Student Academy

SIS LIFE offers an exceptional learning experience for students completing first and final placements with us.

Our student academy has a strong focus on social work alongside the allied professions of therapy, health and education - enabling students to develop inter-professional working skills and supporting a multi-agency approach to practice at all levels.

The Experience

The academy has in-house Practice Educators and supervisors, with significant social work and university level teaching experience.

Our acceptance process involves an interview and written test, where both the student and the organisation can get to know each other, and decide if the placement would be a good ‘fit’ for both parties.

The student will then participate in a full induction programme, that includes online & face-to-face training and shadowing of experienced workers, in preparation for joint work with colleagues and fellow students.

The environment offers a range of learning experiences, which include; working directly with residents; co-ordinating activities for the residents; co-ordinating community inclusion activities; supporting the young people who live at SIS or attend the Educational facilities with their education, training, work or enterprise choices.

Additionally, for some students, there may be opportunities to explore learning experiences at one of our partner agencies. However, as this tends to be limited, students on Masters’ courses or in their final year will be prioritised.

Outcomes - To date, the organisation has supported students through first and final placements, with a small number remaining with us as newly qualified workers in their chosen fields.

The Future 

Working with a range of universities allows us to offer workshops with experienced academics as well as those currently in practice. Additionally, students will be able to access additional training opportunities and have the opportunity to participate in training and the delivery of an Advocacy service.

As the organisation continues to expand, we intend to offer the ASYE post-qualifying year to Newly Qualified Social Workers and equivalent post-qualifying support in related professions.