One to One Support


SIS works with a broad range of clients, providing a tailored support package for each person on a 'one-to-one' or 'two-to-one' basis. Our case-managed package incorporates a complete assessment (both general and risk) of our client's needs. We provide weekly and/or monthly review reports as requested by the appointed social worker.

Family Support


SIS works with families and individuals to focus on their strengths, whilst helping them find solutions to their difficulties. Our services are flexible and can be supplied at short notice. Our family outreach services support clients through many difficult situations and circumstances, such as:

• Intervention and support for parents with difficult and challenging children/adolescents

• Assistance and support in parenting skills

• Assessments for difficult family situations

• Crisis intervention

• 24 hour stand-in cover for parents and carers absence

• Supervised outings and trips for children/adolescents, to give parents and carers respite

• Transportation for children to visit parents and family

• Transportation to school, hospital and all other appointments

16+ Support


SIS provides a range of outreach services to help adolescents implement good practices, create new ideas and reduce communication difficulties between themselves, their families, and those in the wider community.

SIS outreach services invest time in building and maintaining positive relationships with all our clients. 



SIS supplies a fleet of vehicles for children and young people in care. This includes transport for:

• Children and young people to and from school

• Court dates

• Moving clients to a new accommodation or placement

• Taking clients to contact centres

• Supervised contacts

All SIS cars are fully registered, with child and baby car seats, trained transport managers and communication systems. The cars are regularly maintained, inspected and have full safety equipment.